When private equity meets physiotherapy

“Mike is the best physio I have ever worked with: he uses data to measure progress and to benchmark performance against where you should be. He understands the softer, motivational elements of rehabilitation and physio work and the impact of this on getting the best results for his clients. Most importantly, this is more than just a job for him – he really cares about people and always goes the extra mile to help his clients.”

Oli, Managing Director of a private equity firm in London

Oli had sustained a left ankle fracture whilst on holiday by jumping off a paddleboard into shallow water. Mike first saw him six weeks after the injury occurred: Oli had only just had walking boots removed following surgery at the Fortius Clinic, Marylebone.

Tailoring a course of treatment to the needs of the client.

When Mike first saw Oli, he highlighted that Oli had severe restriction in his left ankle and was also significantly weaker than normal in his calf muscles. Mike created a treatment plan consisting of manual therapy, guided rehabilitation and strength conditioning for his calves – working under the guidance of Oli’s specialist at the Fortius. 

Oli also had historical issues with his left ankle, since breaking it playing rugby many years previously. He had had metalwork to repair it, and therefore had longstanding mobility issues with the ankle. Mike took these prior issues into account when planning his route to recovery. 

Positive results in a short space of time.

Mike visited Oli at his offices in Mayfair to provide physiotherapy, since Oli’s mobility was limited.  After just 6-8 weeks of treatment, Oli regained the range of motion in his left ankle to pre-injury levels. His calf strength returned to normal too after the strength conditioning exercised. This means that he could walk normally and he could return to swimming and cycling regularly.

The future: maintaining calf strength and optimal ankle mobility.

The final part of the physio programme was ensuring that Oli continued to maintain strength in his calf and regularly performed the set exercises for his ankle.

Mike will regularly check in with Oli to see how he is getting on, and discuss extra steps he can take to minimise the risk of the issue returning in future.