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Double your fitness results with a bespoke strength and conditioning training programme from London’s most qualified sports medicine clinic. Delivered by accredited UK Strength and Conditioning Association coaches.
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The secret to beat your personal bests.

Your bespoke programme is tailor-made for you to get the endurance results you want.
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A programme that fits your schedule

Your programme is designed to suit your time – for the periods you need for intensive training.
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Avoid injuries that put you on pause.

Your programme is made to prevent injuries –  so you can achieve your results without having to take time out.

The Most Trusted Sports Medicine Clinic in the Heart of London

A programme brought to you by one of London’s most qualified sports medicine clinics. 

“Mike and Gus were super helpful. Mike delivered to me a most excellent training program which saw me through Summer 2020 and into my first Triathlon. And then Gus worked his magic so much that I went back to running reasonably quickly after working through the program he had developed.”

Marathon Runner

I met Mike earlier this year when I was training for a marathon. I hadn’t done any running for a while, and stupidly went from zero to maximum mileage in the space of a week, and my ankle said no!

I thought I wouldn’t be able to do the race, but speaking with Mike, and having him (rather painfully) work into my calves, I slowly built my training up. When my ankle would become painful again, together we would decide to trim back my training, and take it on a week by week case.

At times I wanted to cancel my race, but Mike gave me the confidence that it would get better, that my training will start paying off, and I could perform. I ended up getting a personal best, and qualifying into the London Marathon, among some other races for next year.

With help from Mike, at the race starting line I’m confident my body is healthy, and I have put in all I can to perform on the day.

Will Tennet

Ironman World Championship Athlete

If you’ve struggled to get the results you want, it’s not your fault.

We understand that your results slow down after a while. This can stop you from beating your goal time at a race – and leave you feeling disappointed.

There are a number of factors that can make you plateau (or achieve slower results).

It’s important t to remove the barriers to exercise so you can start to see encouraging results.

Our new programme can help you get predictable results.

An evidence based system that integrates performance with injury prevention

Your programme is monitored by highly qualified coaches to prevent injuries, keep you on track, and make sure you’re getting the results you want – Physiotherapists, sports scientists, strength and conditioning coaches.​

The safe option to start getting results - as soon as tomorrow

Our sports medicine team has a diverse range of sports science degrees and accreditation’s to handle any problem you may encounter.

How it works

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2. You get your online programme.

One of our physios will get in touch with you to help build your bespoke programme.

3. You get your results

You train, we monitor your performance – You get the results you desire.



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If you live in London, we recommend the in-person package. If not, we recommend the virtual Strength and Conditioning package. 

Virtual Strength and Conditioning

£ 49 Monthly
  • Bespoke training programme
  • Monitoring by Technique Health coaches
  • Goal focused to maximise your training sessions
  • Comes with training videos and tutorials for each exercise
  • Includes in-gym and out-of-gym workouts
  • Designed to suit your schedule and availability

In-person Strength and Conditioning

£ 185 Monthly
  • Bespoke training programme
  • Monitoring by Technique Health coaches
  • Goal focused to maximise your training sessions
  • Comes with training videos and tutorials for each exercise
  • Includes in-gym and out-of-gym workouts
  • Designed to suit your schedule and availability
  • Comes with an initial physiotherapy or strength and conditioning session
  • Lactate testing available at discounted member prices.
  • One sports massage per month
  • Comes with bike fittings

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

If you’re not happy with the results of your programme, we’ll refund your money – 

Terms and conditions.

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Strength and Condtioning

The relationship between VO2 Max and FTP

VO2 Max and Functional Threshold Power (FTP) are distinct but closely related parameters of aerobic fitness that need to be fully understood when programming training. First, it is important to understand them both and where they link together. This doesn’t mean that strength training should be used alone to improve performance; it must be done alongside endurance training in a

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Is my FTP score good?

Functional Threshold Power (FTP) is a key metric benchmark in cycling; it is the highest average power that you can sustain for one hour, measured in watts. It is the most common training metric used by athletes and coaches to determine training sessions and plan programmes effectively when using a power meter or smartphone app. Your FTP score is highly

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Why is strength training needed for endurance athletes? Why is Technique Health and Fitness the best pick to deliver what I need?

Research shows that both low and high-intensity endurance exercise improve as a result of maximal strength and explosive strength training. Without looking too deeply into the science, the key benefits include greater leg strength, greater velocity at VO2 max, improved endurance performance (both short and long-term), enhanced exercise efficiency and improve lactate threshold. All of these key beneficial improvements are

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