Why us?

Recover and optimise your fitness with confidence

We’re a dedicated, clinically rigorous team, who strive for results, excellence and social good.


Our Mission

Our mission is to enable you to achieve your goals. This could be competing for a marathon or lifting your new born son. We believe our ultimate point of difference is that we care more.

Our Values

We base our practice on simple, but vital values, which we believe provide the groundwork for happier staff and customers.

Our Charity

We provide free physio, osteo, and strength and conditioning services to young footballers and their families through a charity called Bloomsbury Football. We also donate a percentage of our self pay fees to the charity too.



We only practice our care based on clinically-validated science. This way, you can be assured that the care is not only effective, but safe.


We define success on objective measures. This means that progress can be proven via empirical evidence.


We won’t sell you miracles. We’re very upfront that sports medicine requires the client’s commitment and patience. This is the only substantial way to recovery.


Our Success Stories

To demonstrate our intensive and investigative treatment approach, we’ve written some in depth case studies on clients (with their consent). 

Our Testimonials

Over the years, we’ve successful treated hundreds of clients. 

Our Partnerships

We work with leading orthopaedic clinic London Sports Orthopaedics, King Edward VII’s hospital, leading gyms like The Foundry and Sleven and provide the physio care for Houses of Parliament staff.


Staff Training

We deeply value excellence at technique and all staff commit to CPD every two weeks

We're Accredited

All our staff are accredited with the Healthcare Professions Council or General Osteopathic Council, all members of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapists

Recognised by Most Insurers

Including Bupa, Axa, Aviva and more.