Technique partners with King Edward VII’s Hospital.

We’re pleased to announce that we have partnered with Opus Biological, an innovative clinic based in the prestigious and historic King Edward VII’s Hospital.

Opus Biological: an innovative orthopaedic clinic

Opus Biological is a sports medicine clinic that specialises in stem cell therapy to treat orthopaedic issues and injuries.
Operating under rigorous licensing, Opus is one of Britain’s first clinics to make stem cell therapy an accessible and viable alternative orthopaedic treatment for patients. With world class consultants and state of the art facilities, Opus provides cutting edge treatment for patients, including leading athletes.

Ensuring Opus get the physio expertise they require

As an innovative clinic providing a specialist treatment, Opus were not looking for a typical orthopaedic physio provider. As they are working in new territory, they needed a physio team that really listened and collaborated with them.

As well as being qualified in treating orthopaedic musculoskeletal issues, we are fully engaged in their treatment approach, and will work to ensure seamless collaboration that enables the world-leading care.

King Edward VII’s Hospital: the Royal hospital

Opus Biological is based in King Edward VII’s hospital, an internationally recognised private hospital with a rich heritage.
With state of the art facilities, world class consultants, a very low patient-to-nurse ratio and impressive hospitality, they offer exceptionally high quality care.

Established in 1899, King Edward’s also has a rich history, treating many high profile figures over the years as well as having a long standing relationship with the British Royal Family.

They are also a registered charity, providing life changing care to veterans.