Technique Physio renames to Technique Health and Fitness

We’re pleased to announce that we’ve no longer Technique Physio – we’re now Technique Health and Fitness.

In line with this, we’ve moved our URL from to

Why? We’ve listed the three main reasons below:

1) Broadening our services

Although physio is a key component to good health, it is only one of a family of practices to achieve this.

Therefore, we want provide services that supplement it (thus, evolving from a physiotherapy clinic to a health and fitness clinic).

We now also offer:

– osteopathy
– strength and conditioning

And we are aiming to offer more health services soon.

2) Becoming a centre point for health and fitness

With today’s deluge of health, fitness and wellbeing information, services and activities, it can be hard for people to bring these into a coherent whole in their lives.

By becoming a health and fitness clinic, we’re looking to become a centre point for people’s health and fitness.

To achieve this, we’re soon to be launching a digital health platform that will enable clients can track their health and fitness journey in one place. It will enable you to set and access your goals, as well as measure and monitor your progress in achieving them

In turn, we’re also looking to soon establish an online resource that summarises the latest health and fitness research into easy to read and understand articles (written by accredited professionals, of course). This element was a key reason in the decision to move to a .org web address.

3) Bringing health and fitness to the wider community

Today, it’s widely reported and evidenced that health and wellbeing is vital not just for individuals, but society as a whole.

As an organisation, we want to address the fact that many segments of society do not have access to this.

In light of this, we recently partnered with the Bloomsbury Football Foundation, a charity that address health and economic inequality through football.

As a organisation that is passionate about bringing fitness to society, we’re considering becoming a social enterprise. Our partnership with Bloomsbury Football is a first step towards this.

To learn more about our partnership with Bloomsbury Football Foundation, click here.