Technique partners with inspirational charity to help talented footballers.

Today, we’re proud to announce that we’ve partnered with the Bloomsbury Football Foundation, an inspirational charity that enables grassroots and youth football across the capital.

The charity supports young footballers by training them with expert coaches, giving them access to state-of-the-art facilities, and subsidising their fees.

As well as giving disadvantaged young people an opportunity to become successful footballers, it also helps them to develop valuable life and career skills.

Last year, the charity had 3,000 children participating in football sessions to keep young Londoner’s fit, as well as bring together children from many backgrounds.

Providing free physio, and strength and conditioning, to talented young footballers

Working with Bloomsbury’s Academy and its programme to support its most talented footballers, we’ll be helping out in a few different ways.

Firstly, we’ll be providing physio services in line with the charities funding model, ensuring that those who need the most help will receive it. This means assessing, diagnosing and rehabilitating any musculoskeletal problems that the charity’s young footballers may encounter and ensuring that everyone at the charity and in their community gets access to our services.

We’ll also provide strength and conditioning services alongside the charity’s own specialist football coach George Aresti. This means building their strength and mobility to enhance their performance and reduce chance of injury, again these services will be provided in line with the Bloomsbury Football Foundation’s funding model.

Lastly, we will be donating a proportion of our self-pay fees back to the charity every month, we feel that this will further help us achieve our company’s main purpose.

An inspiring charity that personally resonated with our founder

As Technique’s purpose is to “keep London fit, active and healthy”, we’ve always had an aim to partner with a charity, as we’re aware that many Londoners may not be able to afford physio services.

When deciding which charity, the Bloomsbury Football Foundation stood out to our founder, Mike Aunger, as its mission lay close to home. He explains:

“My dad was an orphan with little access to opportunities as a child. However, in his youth he became a successful footballer, I genuinely believe that he was only able to achieve this because of the kindness from the community and family that supported him in his football journey.

I believe that sport is a powerful vehicle for developing young people, instilling values like discipline, focus and team work. I hope that this partnership with Bloomsbury continues to empower disadvantaged kids just like my dad.”