Sports massage

Sports Massage at Technique

“Sports massage is used by athletes to reduce aches and pains, improves performance, aid sleep and decrease blood pressure, it’s a great way to complement sport or physio programmes.”

Mike Aunger, Founder
Technique Health and Fitness


Sports massage is a form of manual therapy, and includes deep tissue massage, soft tissue release and trigger point therapy. Some might find it uncomfortable, but it is very effective at restoring optimal muscle length and decreasing tension within muscle tissue.

Sports massage not only benefits athletes but can help anyone. It can help individuals who experience aches and pains on a daily basis e.g from sitting at a desk all day, or driving long distances through to those who have physically demanding jobs. It can also help your mental wellbeing, as emotional stress and anxiety can often produce similar symptoms to that of a sports person.


Why we provide a quality sports massage service

At Technique, we pride ourselves on offering a quality sports massage service – and are always striving to improve this. We’ve listed three key reasons why we believe we provide a leading sports massage service.


We provide sports massage to high performance individuals

At Technique, we work with many clients who engage in challenging sports, including marathons, ultramarathons and tough mudders. These require advanced intensive sports massage techniques to relieve aches and pains.


We provide sports massage to leading organisations, including the Houses of Parliament

We’ve partnered with Houses of Parliament to provide sports massage to their staff.


We work with leading sports organisations to provide sports massage for their clients

We’re partners with both The Foundry and Sleven, both leading London gyms with advanced fitness members. These typically require advanced and intensive sports massage so we’re experienced in providing it to a high standard.

As Men’s and Women’s Health’s “one of the best gyms in the world”, we were looking for a physio partner to not only add to our services, but match our ambition.

A professional, reliable and transparent team, Technique have become an asset to The Foundry, providing our clients expert, honest, and engaged physio care.


Our sports massage service testimonials

Discovering my love running 10 years ago, I try to do a marathon every year - my body permitting!

Of course, those long weeks of preparing for the big day can be intensive, leaving my body with deep aches.

From receiving physio advise from Technique I was introduced to their sports massage. At times its been a life-saver to relieve pain, but also now part of a wider, comprehensive plan to keep me fit for runs.


I've worked in the City for a long time, and even though I enjoy it, its had an impact on my body.

Unfortunately, having poor posture from long hours of sitting, I suffer from chronic aches and pains, as well as migraines.

After a suggestion from a colleague, I tried sports massage (as well as osteo). I now regular go, finding it to relieve aches as well as revive my body and reducing anxiety.


Since moving to London and joining an amazing gym with a fantastic community, I'm there  all the time - particularly fitness classes.

This is great, but upping my game and exercising more does leave me with deep aches and less time to recover. I've found sports massage iron out my pains and strains and keeps me limber for training.



    Introductionary Session

    10% off

    To see if our service works for you, first sessions for all new cases are at a reduced rate. Note, for small injuries, many clients simply take this one session.


    • 45 minute session
    • In-depth subjective analysis
    • Expert interventions from specialist sports massage practitioner
    • Tailored treatment programme


    30 minutes: £54

    45 minutes: £72

    60 minutes: £85

    To suit our clients needs, we charge by length of time. We recommend the length of time a client will need to adequately cover his/her issue, however, its completely up to you.

    All of our sessions are based on:

    • Clinically validated sports medicine – we will only practice based on clinically validated evidence and
    • Taliored to you – we will listen to your needs and ensure what we provide matches your expectations
    • Integrity – we will never ask you to attend more sessions than necessary

    Take control of your health today.