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Specialist Bracing at Technique

“Bracing is a powerful tool in your recovery arsenal. They’re clinically proven to reduce pain, increase joint stability, and to aid alignment – allowing for proper healing.

“However, not all braces are made equally. That’s why, after years of fitting braces, we only use Ossur braces – which are globally recognised as the best braces available.

Use this page to learn about bracing, our bracing expertise, and why Ossur are the best braces in the world.”

Mike Aunger, Founder
Technique Health and Fitness


Bracing is a therapy option that uses external braces on limbs to provide additional support for unstable joints or ligaments. Braces are often made of soft, durable fabric, but can also include metal, plastic and Velcro straps. They can be custom-made or come patient-ready. Your physiotherapist can make sure you choose the right brace and get it customized for your needs.

Specialist bracing is the same as bracing, but more advanced.

Its used when the client:

  • has a paticularly difficult injury to brace 
  • when the client is looking to achieve the most  effective recovery possible.
  • when the client wants to continue to participate in sport or fitness.
Braces are often used:
  • after you’ve had an injury
  • before or after surgery
  • If you have deterioration in your joints or ligaments due to repeated use, age or a chronic condition.
Following an accurate diagnosis of your injury or condition, your doctor, physiotherapist or other healthcare professional may suggest a brace to help with rehabilitation. A brace is commonly used in combination with other types of therapy, such as physiotherapy, massage and more. The healthcare professional you’re working with will not only select and fit you for the right brace, but they’ll also provide instructions on when and how long you should wear the brace so you can get all the benefit.

Braces provide stability when ligaments, muscles and/or bones are healing. This lets you resume activities, gradually building up your strength and function while protecting yourself from re-injury.

  • increases joint stability
  • improve alignment
  • reduce movement that aggravate the injury, causing pain and preventing correct healing.
  • off-load pressure, by absorbing force
  • Let’s you to get back to your active lifestyle quickly and safely, whether that means sport or simple daily activities like walking

The cost of a brace can vary, depending on the type, level of support and level of customization.

braces, like the neoprene sleeve, are cheap. This is because they are inexpensive to manufacture, patient ready, and designed on well known technology. There is nothing wrong with this brace if this is what your injury requires. Typically, a low-level sprain.

However, others can be much more money. They offer extremely high levels of support. Expensive because they’re cutting edge tech, costly to manufacture, and sometimes require customisation to build.

Others, like a knee immobilizer, have to be custom-designed to meet your measurements, which makes it more expensive.

Many health insurance providers cover bracing equipment ordered through your physiotherapist or other healthcare professional. It’s always a good idea to inquire with your provider before getting fitted

Your physio will know which is the right one.

The physio will assess your injury to determine which brace is best, factors include your size, nature of injury and extent of injury.


Why we provide a quality specialist brace and fitting service

At Technique, we pride ourselves on offering a quality specialist brace fitting service – and are always striving to improve this. We’ve listed some key reasons why we believe we provide a leading physio service.

1) We're certified to sell and fit Ossur braces - the most advanced and respected braces in the world

Ossur is an Icelandic company that are internationally recognised for creating the world’s most effective and intelligent braces. Ossur are the rolls royce of braces.

  • Ossur braces have been rigorously clinically proven to be effective by independent scholars at recognised universities across the world.
  • They are used by a long list of international athletes and sports people.

What does this mean for you?

  • These braces are the most effective in reducing pain, the most comfortable, and the easiest to put on and take off
  • You can be assured that Ossur’s braces are effective
  • You’ll heal better – meaning that you can get back to achieving your sport and health goals

2) We've completed Ossur specialist brace fitting courses

Our staff are officially certified to fit Ossur braces. To do this we’ve undertaken many of their course, including their Advanced Brace Fitting Course and Unloader One X Course. We’re constantly keeping our Ossur brace fitting skills maintained by using the Ossur Academy, Ossur’s training tool.

This means we know the braces inside out:

  • We have in-depth understanding of specialist braces and how they interact with human anatomy.
  • We have a clinical understanding of common conditions and injuries relating to bracing (such as oestoartheritis)
  • We understand the clinical evidence relating to the braces
  • Recognising when a brace is the appropriate treatment to use for the injury
  • Upon assessment, we’ll know which is the right Ossur brace to fit your injury (note, many times it’s not as simple as wrist brace for a wrist injury)
  • We’ll know how to fit the brace, allowing it to be comfortable and effective (if not, its likely to chafe and blister, and not be effective)
  • We’re able to correctly review the brace to measure its effectiveness.

3) We've fitted hundred's of braces over the years - and achieved strong results with our clients

Our team are specially trained in the use of Össur products so we know how to achieve the best fit and comfort when prescribing a brace.

Mike, our founder, has fitted around 600-700 unloader one x braces


Ossur is an Icelandic company that creates pioneering orthopaedic technology to aid people’s mobility. They are internationally recognised for creating the world’s most effective and intelligent prosthetics braces.

  • All of Ossurs products have been rigorously researched and tested to prove their effectiveness. This research is all done by independent accredited organisations and universities.
  • Ossur has won countless of the worlds leading technology and design awards,
  • Ossur are incredible innovators. For example, they recently created the world‘s first complete bionic leg (the SYMBIONIC LEG).
  • A very large list of the worlds top athletes, sports people, and sports organisations choose to use Ossur braces. Ossur are viewed as the “gold standard” in prosthetics and bracing technology.
  • Ossur regularly receive global interest from prestigious media outlets, including NY Times, Newsweek, BBC, ESPN, TEDx, Runner’s World, Triathlete, TIME Magazine and more.

To learn more about Ossur, click here.

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