Physiotherapy at Technique

“At Technique, we’re committed to your recovery – and physiotherapy is at the heart of how we do this.

Use this page to learn about physiotherapy, how we strive to provide an outstanding physio service, and how to start the process if you feel its suitable for you.”

Mike Aunger, Founder
Technique Health and Fitness


Physiotherapy is a science-based healthcare profession that aims to restore movement and function within the body.

It focuses on stretching, strengthening, and mobilising the tissues, joints, and muscles to enable  pain-free movement.

After an operation or injury you may be referred to a physiotherapist to ‘re-train’ your body to restore it to it’s optimum function. Our physiotherapists may help with neuromuscular and musculoskeletal disorders.

For more information, visit the NHS or the Chartered Institute of Physiotherapists websites.


Why we provide a quality physiotherapy service

At Technique, we pride ourselves on offering a quality physio service – and are always striving to improve this. We’ve listed three key reasons why we believe we provide a leading physio service.


We provide physiotherapy to high performance individuals

At Technique, we pride ourselves on offering a quality physio service – and are always striving to improve this. We’ve listed three key reasons why we believe we provide a leading physio service.


We provide physiotherapy to leading organisations, including the Houses of Parliament

We’ve partnered with Houses of Parliament to provide physio to their staff.


We work with leading orthopaedic surgeons to rehabilitate complex orthopaedic cases

We provide physio for both the The London Sports Orthopaedics and the Fortius Clinic, two of the world’s leading orthopaedic clinics.


We work with leading sports organisations to provide physio for their clients

We’re partners with both The Foundry and Sleven, both leading London gyms.

As Men’s and Women’s Health’s “one of the best gyms in the world”, we were looking for a physio partner to not only add to our services, but match our ambition.

A professional, reliable and transparent team, Technique have become an asset to The Foundry, providing our clients expert, honest, and engaged physio care.


A complete physiotherapy process to ensure your recovery


Firstly, our physio will assess you to understand the problem.

To do this, he / she will take a detailed account of your complaint, discuss any medical issues, and conduct a thorough physical analysis.


From considering all the information in the assessment, the physio will then diagnose your condition.

Treatment Plan

From your diagnosis,  your physio will put together a tailored treatment programme to improve your condition.

This will include exercises to work on at home.


If necessary, the physio will review your recovery, as many times as necessary.

In order to objectively measure your recvoery, in the first session the physio will record your baseline data to measure progress against.


Our physiotherapy service testimonials

I started appointments with Nuno after breaking my arm which, after it being in a cast for so long, had limited movement.

Nuno used our sessions to develop a clear and comprehensive program of exercises for me, which meant that the movement in my arm improved week on week.

Couldn’t recommend Nuno highly enough!

Aled Lewis

Mike helped me with physio after a whiplash car injury.

He was very friendly, patient and knowledgeable. He took the time to explain the science behind the treatment, and I felt like the whole time slot was used efficiently.

He gave me confidence in my recovery because he could correctly predict how my body would react after each session.

Joe Young

When I started physio I had limited movement in my shoulder.

The problem was accurately diagnosed through an MRI scan, which revealed a rotator cuff tear.

Technique has restored my movement and eliminated pain. Whilst I will never have complete mobility, my shoulder movement is much less restricted. Its a huge improvement from when we started.

Many thanks Gus for your advice and expertise.

Donald Hoodless


    Introductionary Session

    20% off

    To see if our service works for you, first sessions for all new cases are at a reduced rate. Note, for small injuries, many clients simply take this one session.


    • 30 or 45 minute session
    • In-depth subjective analysis
    • In-depth objective analysis
    • Diagnosis
    • Tailored treatment programme
    • Set exercises


    30 minutes: £62

    45 minutes: £89

    60 minutes: £112

    To suit our clients needs, we charge by length of time. We recommend the length of time a client will need to adequately cover his/her issue, however, its completely up to you.

    All of our sessions are based on:

    • Clinically validated sports medicine – we will only practice based on clinically validated evidence
    • Data – we will objectively measure your progress
    • Integrity – we will never ask you to attend more sessions than necessary


    We're covered by most insurers

    Clinic codes available on request.