Electrotherapy is a broad term for a number of interventions involving electrotherapeutic machines. These vary from interferential and TENS machines, to therapeutic ultrasound. The different forms of intervention can be successful at decreasing pain and allowing you to get muscles working effectively again. They can also promote tissue healing for certain types of injury, including ligament and tendon sprains.

When discussing electrotherapy with many experienced physiotherapists you may find that there is a mix of feelings as to it’s usefulness within the profession. Our stance mirrors this mix of feelings as there is a limited evidence-base for it’s use. However that’s not to say it shouldn’t be used, and when used alongside manual therapy it may well prove a useful intervention to help with your healing. One thing you won’t find at Technique Physiotherapy & Sports Medicine is to be left alone on a machine whilst your physiotherapist goes and makes a cuppa!

The use of electrotherapy is entirely safe. Sometimes you may feel something such as a mild tingling, and sometimes you may not. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask. We will explain as best we can why we are using a treatment intervention, should we feel it will help you get better quicker.


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