London Sports Orthopaedics Clinic

The London Sports Orthopaedics Clinic is one of the world’s leading orthopaedic and sports medicine clinics. Based in Marylebone, it is made up of a partnership of orthopaedic surgeons, sport medicine doctors, and pain management doctors.

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Fortius Clinic

Fortius Clinic is the UK’s largest orthopaedic MSK group. It provides orthopaedics and sports medicine care through over 90 specialists, from surgeons to sports physicians, rheumatologists and radiologists.

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Opus Biological

Opus Biological is an innovative sports clinic that specialises in stem cell therapy for musculoskeletal injuries and osteoarthritis disease.

It is based in the exclusive King Edward VII’s Hospital in Marylebone, London.

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Ossur is an Icelandic company that creates pioneering orthopaedic technology to aid people’s mobility.

They are internationally recognised for creating the world’s most intelligent and effective prosthetics and braces.

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Houses of Parliament

We provide physiotherapy for the Houses of Parliament’s staff.

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The Foundry

The Foundry runs world class personal and group training facilities in the City of London. It offers a results driven, client focused service and was recently described as “one of the best gyms in the world” by Men’s and Women’s Health.

To learn more about The Foundry, visit their website.


Sleven is an innovative, high-end fitness facility based in a trendy warehouse in Vauxhall.

It aims to end dull, repetitive trips to the gym and transform them into pure entertainment. Expect looping LED lights, stylish graphics and disco balls.

To learn more about Sleven, visit their website.


Bloomsbury Football Foundation

We’re proud to be partners with Bloomsbury Youth Football Club – a charity that enables grassroots and youth football across the capital.

We provide pro bono physio care and performance conditioning to the team’s young sports players. This is an opportunity to give back, and to continue our goal to help aspirational young people achieve their dreams.

To learn more about the Bloomsbury Football Foundation, visit their website.