Qualified Osteopathy

Professional and evidence based

Osteopathy is a form of healthcare that combines the knowledge of human health and wellness with
the skills of hands – on manual therapy, exercise rehabilitation and movement modification.
These master’s level trained therapists explore the whole through the careful assessment and examination of its parts. Understanding that pain and injury is more than just damaged tissue; it is an experience that affects our body and mind.

Our team of Osteopaths can help with a wide range of musculoskeletal disorders from headaches all the way through the body to toe pain.

As a protected title our Osteopaths are registered with the General Osteopathic council and are members of the Institute of Osteopathy.

 During your initial appointment we will sit and discuss the issues you’re faced with through a full case history, including questions about your general health and wellbeing. 

We are keen to explore any previous injuries or presentations, any scans or tests you’ve undertaken and explore your goals and objectives to achieve them.

One-on-one with a qualified Osteopath




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