Osteopathy at Technique

“There is often confusion surrounding the goals, practices and results of osteopathy.

Use this page to learn about osteopathy, how we strive to provide an outstanding osteo service, and how to start the process if you feel its suitable for you.”

Mike Aunger, Founder
Technique Health and Fitness


Osteopathy is an approach to assessing, diagnosing and treating a range of conditions that affect us in everyday life. These conditions can range from acute pain and injury to more complex issues affecting over a longer period of time.

An Osteopath is a degree level trained practitioner focused on providing support for your whole body to recover from pain and injury. This type of support covers a number of different areas that all play a part in the occurrence of pain and dysfunction.

During an Osteopath’s study they learn skills similar to a junior doctor to screen for medical based problems that would require intervention from your GP. Neurological, vascular and respiratory to name a few. They also learn the clinical reasoning, diagnostic and manual treatment skills to resolve pain and injury throughout the body.

In the bigger picture it can be hard to see the differences between the two professions but when you look closely you can see the philosophical and practical differences.


An Osteopath traditionally would use their hands to assess and treat pain through a combination of manual techniques to encourage movement of joints and tissue, improve blood supply and desensitise areas of the body. A physio would assess the body in a similar way with a focus on providing exercises as a primary means of recovery. It’s not this simple but this can be seen a distinguishing factor people would choose one practitioner over the over.


The objectives are essentially the same however there are some differences in thinking that can change the approach of the practitioner. Osteopaths are generalists, some with interests in specific areas. Physiotherapists are specialists, with interests in one or more areas. Both of these approaches have pros and cons and depending the patient and their presentation one approach can be more appropriate than the other.

When you feel pain and injury is stopping your from living your live as you wish. Osteopaths are trained to treat all musculoskeletal injuries from head to toe. They are not just focused on backs and necks.

Osteopaths are primary care practitioners meaning they have the knowledge, skills and experience to work with a patient without the need to see a GP first.

You may also want to see an Osteopath if your experience with another practitioner hasn’t led to the outcome you wanted.


Why we provide a quality osteopathy service

At Technique, we pride ourselves on offering a quality osteopathy service – and are always striving to improve this. We’ve listed some key reasons why we believe we provide a leading osteo service.


We provide osteopathy to athletes from a wide number of sports

We provide osteopathy to amateur atheltes from a multitude of sports including triathlon, cycling, running and team sports

This includes: manual therapy, high velocity thrusts, sports taping, and sports massage.


We provide osteo to leading organisations

Of course, osteo isn’t just for sports people. Unfortunately, musculoskeletal issues typically arise from the office based lifestyles.

Fortunately, we’ve had the pleasure of treating the staff at many of London’s leading organisations.


We work in multi-disciplinary teams

Working within a wider team of therapists our osteopaths are able to call upon the expertise of our colleagues.

This multi-disciplinary approach ensures each patient has access to the combined experience of the team. We regularly take part in Technique’s internal training programme and spend time reviewing patients with other members of the team.

We typically internally refer patients to our colleagues as appropriate meaning the stages of your recovery can progressed with the best person for the job.


We donate a percentage of our fees to charity

We give a small proportion of our self pay fees to the Bloomsbury Football Fountdation every month.

This charity helps young disadvantaged Londoners excel through football it supports and nurtures these footballers by:

  • Giving access to top coaches to build their football and leadership skills
  • Providing access to professional standard sports facilities
  • Providing financial support for any costs for involvement


A complete osteopathy process to ensure your recovery

About you

Firstly, we get to know you – it’s important to hear your story and what brought you to our clinic.


Assessment and diagnosis

We’ll then assess your body’s movement and function to tell us the rest of what we need to know about why you’re in our clinic.

We use a range of movement tests diagnose your issue as well as explain what this means.

Treatment Plan

We will then ensure that you have a step-by-step plan to make a full recovery based upon what is important in your world.

In the first session if needed you will receive hands on treatment and we’ll also explore strengthen and mobility exercises.


If necessary, the osteo will set follow up session/s to review your recovery.

In order to objectively measure your recovery, in the first session the osteo will record your baseline data to measure progress against.


Our osteopathy service testimonials

Kieran is an attentive practitioner who has helped a great deal with a long standing neck issue and more recently knee pain.

He spends a lot of time going over all issues you have in trying to understand and then prescribe suitable course of action along with links to videos that help demonstrate exercise techniques as part of a rehabilitation plan.

I have found a lot of relief following a first time visit to see an Osteopath, and hopefully, no discredit to Kieran, don't have to visit again too soon!

Really highly recommended along with extremely reasonable fee pricing structure and appointment availability.

Joseph Fisher

An absolute pro. All precautions taken to mitigate risk, but still the best treatment I've had.

Would highly recommend going to see Kieran if you have any injury worries or niggles that just don't seem to go away.

He has a fantastic way of explaining what's going on and presenting the issue in a way that's easy to understand. It helps that he's also a top bloke.

Lewis Robling

I first met Kieran during my first multi-stage ultra. Through our conversations I learned about how working with an osteo could benefit my running and overall health and wellbeing.

He has a lot of experience working with distance runners so he understands what our bodies go through. But he also takes the time to get to know everyone who seeks his treatment and advice so he always gives a tailored treatment plan based on each individual.

He never pushes for additional treatment if it's not necessary and gives you the tools you need to maintain fitness.

I highly recommend getting in touch with Kieran if you have any niggles or injuries.

Margaret Mann


    All of our osteopaths are registered with the General Osteopathic Council

    The General Osteopathic Council regulates the practice of osteopathy in the United Kingdom. By law, all osteopaths must be registered with the General Osteopathic Council in order to practise in the UK.


    Introductionary Session

    10% off

    To see if our service works for you, first sessions for all new cases are at a reduced rate. Note, for small injuries, many clients simply take this one session.


    • 45 minute session
    • In-depth subjective analysis
    • In-depth objective analysis
    • Diagnosis
    • Tailored treatment programme
    • Set exercises


    30 minutes: £69

    45 minutes: £99

    60 minutes: £119

    To suit our clients needs, we charge by length of time. We recommend the length of time a client will need to adequately cover his/her issue, however, its completely up to you.

    All of our sessions are based on:

    • Clinically validated sports medicine – we will only practice based on clinically validated evidence
    • Data – we will objectively measure your progress
    • Integrity – we will never ask you to attend more sessions than necessary


    We're covered by most insurers

    Clinic codes available on request.

    Take control of your health today.