Ossur – A world leading orthopaedic technology company

In this blog series, we spotlight our partners to tell their story, as well as shine a light on the  services they provide.

Ossur – a world leading orthopaedic technology company

Ossur is an Icelandic company that creates pioneering orthopaedic technology to aid people’s mobility. They are internationally recognised for creating the world’s most effective and intelligent prosthetics braces.

Constantly celebrated for best in class design

  • In 2019, Ossur’s Rheo Knee XC (a microprocessor-controlled knee) won a Good Design Award. The Good Design award is recognised as one of the world’s oldest and most prestigious design awards.
  • In 2006, Ossur was recognised by the World Economic Forum as a “Technology Pioneer”. The World Economic Forum is regarded as the world’s most significant global gathering, where the world’s leaders meet at Davos to talk business, politics, and technology.
  • In 2018, Ossur was named one of the top orthopedic device firms by Orthopedic Design & Technology, a web publisher recognized as an industry-leading publication, globally known for its in-depth, high-quality coverage of the specialised field of orthopaedic product development and manufacturing.

Favoured by international athletes

Ossur works with a huge list of the world’s top athletes (which collectively, have set dozens of World Records and won countless medals).

It speaks volumes that this number of professional athletes choose Össur, demonstrating that it is perceived as the “gold standard” in prosthetics and bracing technology.

Just some examples:

  • In 2018, The Össur Formfit® Pro Knee OA (a lightweight and compressive knee sleeve for people in their early stage of knee osteoarthritis) launched in partnership with Iceland’s national soccer team.
  • In 2019, Team Össur members excel at 2019 World Para Athletics Championships, Team Össur members earned 4 gold medals, 3 silver medal and 1 bronze medal
  • In 2016, Team Össur athletes took the spotlight at the Rio Paralympic Games, winning 26 medals and setting three World and six Paralympic records

Global interest from prestigious media outlets

Another testament to Ossur’s leadership and skill in orthopaedic technology is its regular global recognition in prestigious media outlets such as NY Times, Newsweek, BBC, ESPN, TEDx, Runner’s World, Triathlete, TIME Magazine and more.

  • Are these artificial limbs better than the real thing? – NY Post
  • This company builds mind-controlled robotic limbs – Fortune
  • How the business of bionics is changing lives – CNBC
  • Bionic hand can feed physical sensations directly to the brain – Wired
  • Being bionic: how technology transformed my life – The Guardian

How we’re an Ossur certified partner

Our staff are officially certified to fit Ossur braces. To do this we undertook their Advanced Brace Fitting Course. We’ve also completed their Unloader One X Course.

We’re constantly keeping our Ossur brace fitting maintained by using the Ossur Academy, Ossur’s training tool. Through it, it provides:

  • regular detailed webinars
  • course video libraries
  • elearning course
  • workshops and events

Why we chose to partner with Ossur

Ossur profoundly improves people’s lives by creating incredibly high tech prosthetics and braces. We find this an incredibly aspirational purpose that inspires us.

  • Ossur are incredible innovators. For example, Össur recently created the world‘s first complete bionic leg (the SYMBIONIC LEG).
  • Ossur’s products have been rigorously clinically proven to be effective by independent scholars at recognised universities across the world.
  • Ossur’s Unloader brace series have been the industry standard for around four decades. They are simply the best in the world.

How does this partnership benefit Technique clients?

  • You’ll have access to world leading bracing technology
  • You can be assured of Ossur’s effectiveness
  • You’ll heal better – meaning that you can get back to achieving your health goals