Mike Aunger

PgDip Sports Medicine MCSP SRP


Mike is a leading physiotherapist and founder of Technique Health and Fitness. He specialises in providing advanced Sports Medicine to professional athletes.

Mike has a strong interest in democratising advanced health and fitness for all, which Technique delivers through its partnership with Bloomsbury Football Foundation.


A solid grounding as an NHS physio, and mentorship under Chris McLean

After graduating from Nottingham University with a degree (BSc) in Physiotherapy, Mike started his career in the awarding-winning Hip and Knee Team at Lewisham and Greenwich NHS Trust.

Although Mike enjoyed the NHS’s fantastic camaraderie and challenging caseload, his desire to work with advanced sports injuries lead him to meet, work for, and be mentored by, Christopher McLean, founder of Marylebone Physio and widely recognised for treating some of the UK’s most complex and challenging cases.

Qualified in providing advanced sports medicine

In 2011, Mike undertook the PG Dip in Sports Medicine at Queen Mary London; a course specifically designed to equipt clinicians with the advanced skills needed to train and rehabilitate professional athletes.

Led by some of the worlds leading sports practitioners, Mike trained in multidisciplinary teams – involving orthopaedic surgeons, nutritionalists, sports coaches and more – to provide comprehensive care to athletes.

A specialist in training and rehabilitating leading athletes and soldiers

From starting his PG Dip in 2011, Mike has rehabilitated and optimised many leading athletes and sports teams.

This includes Saracens RFC, Chelsea FC, and GB Bobsleigh. Mike has also provided his expertise at international tournaments such as the Lacrosse World Championships and UEFA cup.

This expertise includes providing pitch side medical care, developing injury rehabilitation programmes, and developing high level fitness programmes.

Mike also worked for the military as a rehabilitation trainer returning injured soldiers back to full health

A voice at the forefront of UK’s sports medicine

Mike now participates at the forefront of sports medicine, regularly presenting talks and lectures to health specialists and athletes.

Mike regularly co-presents a talk on surgery and bracing with internationally respected consultant Knee Surgeon Mr Ian McDermott for Ossur, the world’s leading prosthetics and bracing provider.

Founder of Technique Health and Fitness; democratising advanced health and fitness for all

In 2011, Mike founded Technique Health and Fitness (previously known as Technique Physio).

At the heart of Technique’s philosophy is enabling people to achieve their fitness dream, be it top level-sports to learning to walking again.

In turn, Mike aims to use his experience to make advanced sports medicine accessible to all. In 2021, he partnered Technique with Bloomsbury Football Foundation, a charity that empowers young Londoners from many backgrounds to provide them free physiotherapy.

An early adopter of the latest sports medicine tech

Since undertaking his PG Dip in Sports Medicine, Mike has developed a strong interest in sports medicine technology, and aims make cutting edge sports medicine tech accessible to all.

Over the last few years he has been working with Ossur – the word’s most advanced brace and prosthetic company – to make Technique become an accredited leader in fitting their specialist braces.

Technique is currently developing a digital health platform to enable Technique’s clients to objectively and extensively monitor and measure their rehab and performance.

Sport enthusiast

Since school, Mike has participated in sport and believes it played a fundamental role in shaping his character. He has played many sports including rugby, football, basketball and loves fitness activities such as cycling and running,

In 2014, Mike discovered a deep passion for golf, and progressed from a 28 to 5 handicap over three years. This was an important step that lead to Mike establishing Golf Performance and Injury Prevention, which focusses on keeping golfers injury free and optimising performance to achieve lower golf scores.