Running Clinic

Technique Physiotherapy & Sports Medicine has a wealth of experience in dealing with running related injuries. Both our Directors have spent the last 6 years working with a range of athletes including Ironmen, triathletes, marathon and half marathon runners.

Running injuries

Runners suffer from all kinds of injuries – knee pain, achilles issues, plantar fasciitis to name but a few. It is imperative that you don’t ignore pain or niggles; rest from your running and seek a professional opinion. It may be something simple such as a tight ITB (Ilio-tibial Band) that needs specific stretching, but if left could develop into something more serious.

If you suffer from any pain or problems then book an appointment to have your running style, footwear and biomechanics assessed.  Often a simple exercise programme can have you back pounding the pavements in no time.

Training for an event?

We can do a fitness assessment as well as assessing your running style to check you are running in the most optimal and economic way. Whether your goal is a specific time, a new personal best, or maybe just getting across the finishing line, developing a training programme can help you achieve that. We can set a weekly programme that focusses on increasing your fitness levels, mileage and speed without you even realising, incorporating appropriate cross-training and stretching to keep your core strong and your muscles supple.

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