Technique Physiotherapy & Sports Medicine offer fitness testing service to sports clubs and individuals alike, to provide you with important information about your fitness. Whether you are an amateur football team starting your first season, or a well established athlete, you can benefit from Technique’s Pre-Season Fitness Testing.

We run the tests alongside your pre-season training, using simple techniques to collect important information. This provides a profile of your players across key aspects of endurance, speed and functional movement.

This does not prevent injury in itself but can be used to measure progress throughout the season, and safely and effectively return players to sport after injury.

We can also do some simple biomechanical assessments, if requested, that can check for possible injury prediction flags, such as poor agility or running style.

So what happens?

Technique Physiotherapy & Sports Medicine will come to your training ground armed with our knowledge and skills. When we arrive we’ll split the group into smaller groups if needs be and then begin the tests.

The tests we use are:

  • 10m sprint
  • 30m sprint
  • Single leg hop for distance
  • Lateral hops (30 seconds)
  • Plank test – maximum timed holds
  • Crossover 3x hops for distance
  • 1 minute press-ups (sport dependent)
  • The multistage (Bleep) test

What are the benefits?

We collect and store values of fitness for each player so that you have a record of what is normal for them, and what they should be aiming at, when they recover from injury.

We will compile a pre-season league table for all the teams we test, allowing you to measure your individual or teams fitness levels!

Technique Fitness Testing with Men’s Fitness Magazine

Injury Prevention

The pre-season fitness testing itself cannot prevent injury, but it does allow for us to spot potential ‘red flags’ that may cause injury later in the season. For example a player may poorly control their knee on a single leg squat, which in turn could lead to potential knee pain during the season. We can recommend exercises to improve and correct these muscle imbalances.

We can give warm up and warm down stretching exercises, and strapping techniques that can help protect against injury.  It is important not to ignore little niggles early on in the pre-season as these can lead to full blown injuries further down the line – you don’t want to lose any key players! If you are suffering with pain or an injury, book to have an individual assessment with us.

Fitness Testing : Individuals £39 / Teams or Groups of 10 or more £99

We are passionate about sport and physiotherapy, as well as meeting like minded people. The testing allows us to collect data, meet other sportsmen and women, and most importantly gets us out and about.

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