Covid Safety

As we reopen our clincs we are taking every precaution to protect the health of our customers and staff. All of our staff, including your physiotherapist will be wearing personal protective equipment. We will also be deep cleaning the entire clinic at regular intervals and treatment rooms after every appointment. The booking process now includes a pre-assesment call so we can determine whether you are at a particularly high risk. If we feel it is safer to treat you virtually we can offer you a video chat appointment where we can give you the same advice and support you’d get in person. You won’t be missing out!

Thank you for being patient with us and we look forward to seeing you…

Mike Aunger

Clinical Director

Please arrive at the clinic no earlier than 5 minuites before your appointment. This helps us to limit the number of people in our clinics at any one time. 

When you book a physical appointment with us, we are requred by our regulator to conduct a short pre-assesment with you by video chat or telephone to make sure that a physical appointment is appropriate treament option. If we feel you are in an at risk group we may ask to treat you virtually.

All surfaces in the treatment room will be throughly disinfected after every appointment.

When you arrive we will check your temperature. If your temperature is too high we will rearrange your appointment for another day. 

Our team will be wearing personal protective equipment 

Please wash your hands for at least 20 seconds before attending your appointment. Hand sanitiser will be available in all our clinics…